John Garrity

John got his start in the futures and options arena back in 1995 at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. He served as an equity raiser, currency analyst, and trainer with hundreds of clients in the art of trading. He spent four years gaining valuable experience as an arbitrage clerk in the Eurodollar pit. He has also written numerous articles for FutureSource, anywhere from how to place an order to advanced option strategies.

John Garrity believes his role is one that requires him to be both an educator, as well as a money manager. For the novice or first-time hedger or speculator, John acts as an educator, guiding the client through training via paper trading or in a classroom. With focus on the grains, he provides all of his clients with a fundamental and technical analysis on various markets in his writing and analysis.

John has two young children and enjoys the great Chicago weather for year round running. He enjoys educating farmers in the world of futures and options to protect customers from price risk. There is never a silly question!

John Garrity
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