John Roach

John Roach grew up on a grain and livestock farm in South Central Iowa. John’s career in grain marketing began with Lincoln Grain Company in 1973. In 1974 he moved to Farmer’s Grain and Livestock. He founded Roach Ag Marketing in 1978 at Perry, Iowa to better help farmers sell their grain and livestock.

Roach Ag Marketing is an independent consulting and full-service commodity brokerage company working with over 10,000 agri-business customers in 32 states and two foreign countries. Roach Ag has grown to include 8 office locations in 4 Corn Belt states with its corporate office in Boca Raton, Florida. John moved his corporate office to Boca Raton, Florida in January 2001 to live near the ocean and get an hour head start in the Eastern Time Zone.

In 2009, Roach Ag became a licensed crop insurance agency to better support farm risk management strategies. Roach Ag has provided producers with a plan to maximize revenue on the farm utilizing modern crop insurance products and the popular cash grain selling strategies developed in the Daily Grain Plan e-newsletter. Roach Ag has licensed crop insurance consultants selling government sponsored policies to all Midwestern states.

John writes and emails the Roach Ag Daily Grain Marketing Plan each morning to a growing list of farmers who are calling it the best commentary they read. In 1995, John was honored to be one of sixteen brokers featured in the book, “Master Brokers”, by John Walsh.

John Roach is best known, however, as the Senior Market Analyst for the nationally syndicated Public Broadcasting program Market to Market where he has appeared since 1978.

John Roach
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