Phil Roach

Phil Roach, currently working as a Commodity Broker and Market Analyst at the St. Louis, Missouri office, brings with him over 20 years of experience in financial services. Before joining Roach Ag. Marketing in 1992, he was working as a soybean analyst with Farmers, Grain and Livestock out of Des Moines, Iowa. While working there, he put together a network of 50 radio stations in ten Midwestern states to broadcast his farm market reports. Before that, he was trading futures through A.E. Stanley and, in the 1980’s, hosting “Commodities Week,” a nationally broadcast television program on markets.

Roach’s experience in the farming industry extends back to high school, when he was working as a grain inspector for several Iowa grain elevators, a summer job that escalated into a lifelong career. Today, Roach works with farmers, elevators, feedlots and other types of production agriculture to help in the marketing of ag. production through the use of futures, options and cash contracting.

John Roach
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