Sam Lerner

Respectfully known as the New York Farmer, Sam Lerner is from Farmingdale Long Island, New York, formerly home to Farmingdale Agriculture University. For 30 years, he worked as a financial planner, working with Midwest department stores like Carson, Perry, Scott and Younker Brothers.

Following the events of September 11, 2001, he relocated his family to Florida, and began his commodity career. He joined Roach Ag. Marketing in 2004, leveraging his background in finance and planning. Lerner holds a BA in Business from Columbia University.

Sam Lerner specializes in helping farmers with their cash grain sales and individual commodity marketing plans. He also leads grain marketing seminars across the Midwest. Sam is just a phone call away from helping you in any way he can. Please feel free to call him at 800-622-7628.

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