Brazilian Farm Life 09-06-19: Independence Day

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Brazilian Farm Life 09-06-19: Independence Day

Many Brazilian farmers are very patriotic. As are many USA farmers. I wonder if there is a connection between loving the land and loving one’s own country. September 7th is the Brazilian Independence Day. The colors of the flags are different and the military heritage of the USA is much richer than that of Brazil. But some things are similar. Tomorrow many school kids will be in parades with marching bands, military personnel, and green, yellow and blue colors. Families will be watching on main street. Hopeful rhetoric of a stronger, better nation for future generations will be on the lips of parents and grandparents.

The revolutionary war in the United States empowered other countries in the Americas to seek independence from Europe. On September 7th, 1822, Dom Pedro I declared independence from Portugal in order to appease the political forces seeking emancipation from the crown. Dom Pedro I governed Brazil and his father wore the crown of Portugal. Brazil became a nation and no blood was shed.

Farm families in Brazil have benefited from working together.Loosely defined family partnerships or grupos have become formidable economic enterprises operating successfully across regions and industries. These grupos often have a relational decision-making process in place. This is not to say they aren’t objective or professional. Finding and retaining competent advisors, agronomists, managers and laborers is very important. But it is also important to preserve the family dynamic and relationships. I’ve found that many farmers stand for farm, family and country even if they don’t share the same farm, family or country.

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