Brazilian Farm Life 01/24/20: Brazil Farmer Update
Mauro shared this picture with us earlier this week. It is from the state of Paraná. When fields look like this, it means combines need to be ready to harvest beans, planters prepped to plant double-crop corn, and sprayers ready to burn down beans for harvest.
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Brazilian Farm Life 01/17/20: Brazil Farmer Update
Combines are rolling in Brazil. You can almost smell the mix of diesel, soybeans, and dust. Yields are strong as Brazil harvests their early season beans. Mato Grosso is leading the charge, but is still under 5% harvested. The short season beans are used on areas that will plant to double crop corn and cotton. We’re just starting to see pictures of planters rolling.
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Brazilian Farm Life 01/10/20: Brazil Farmer Updated
Recently, rainfall has helped many farmers in Brazil. The northeastern part of the growing region was stressed by dry weather, but has gotten just enough rain this week to keep optimism up.
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Brazilian Farm Life 01/03/20: Brazil Farmer Update
Amaury, from Mato Grosso, shared this picture with us. A large portion of the Brazilian bean crop is in roughly this same developmental phase. The northeastern portion of Brazil’s growing area is too dry and yields are threatened. Even as far east as Mato Grosso and as far south as Goiás, excessive heat and dryness are concerning. If this persists through January, the nice looking pods in the picture may not be as full as Brazilians farmers are hoping for.
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Brazilian Farm Life 12/27/19: Brazil Farmer Update
You should keep an eye on the weather in the area circled in blue. We have direct contact with farmers raising soybeans in these states. The pictures of shriveled soybean leaves due to hot dry weather are heart wrenching. Some are even opting to forgo soybean harvest and just focus on a timely double crop corn crop.
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Brazilian Farm Life 12/20/19: Brazil Farmer Christmas Update
It’s summer in Brazil. Crops are developing, farmers are trying to keep up with spraying, kids are out of school, and its Christmas time! Many Christmas traditions are similar, like gift exchanges, end-of-year Christmas programs at school and meals with family. One difference is that often the biggest celebration occurs the evening of the 24th, around midnight. It is typical for families to have a big meal and gift exchange around midnight, somewhat like New Year's. As families prepare to c...
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Brazilian Farm Life 12-13-19: Brazil Farmer Update
The growing season in Brazil has a long road ahead. We’ll be looking at what is happening on the three farms we follow, but first, take a look at historic soybean yields in Brazil. The image left shows the yield history of Brazilian soybeans measured in tons/hectare. For easy reference, 3ton/ha is about 44bpa.
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Brazilian Farm Life 12/06/19: Brazilian Farmer Introductions
Over 90% of Brazil’s soybeans are planted. The states of Paraná and Mato Grosso are virtually finished. Together they account for about half of Brazil’s production. During this growing season, we’ll be following what is taking place on 3 different farms in Brazil.
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Brazilian Farm Life 11/22/19: Fueling Up On Beef Tallow
Planting in Brazil is wrapping up. Most farmers are shifting away from the demands of planting and focusing on the growing crop. Beginning next week, we’ll be following specific farmers during this growing season. For starters, take a look at the pictures that Mauro, one of the local farmers, shared with us.
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Brazilian Farm Life 11/15/19: Free Lula

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Brazilian Farm Life 11/15/19: Free Lula
Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, popularly known as Lula, was president of Brazil from 2002-2010 with the labor party. His political journey sparks the classic sinner versus saint debate. Over a year ago, he was arrested for corruption. A few months later, Jair Bolsonaro was elected by positioning himself as the champion to oppose the labor party.
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