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What is driving corn and bean yields?

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In the September USDA report, corn and bean yields increased substantially on a updated yield data in 10 corn and 11 soybean growing states that make up just over 83% of production for each.
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Is Today's 167.4 Corn Yield January's 179.0?

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The USDA did not raise corn yields to the level expected ahead of today’s WASDE report although several key corn states are expected...
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January USDA Supply & Demand

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In today’s major USDA supply and demand report, most traders were surprised by larger corn feed demand numbers, up 100 million bushels and ethanol by another 50 million bushels. Corn ending stocks were reduced to 1.631 billion bushels from December report at 1.792 billion bushels. The trade guess average was too high by 224 million bushels or 12%! To tighten stocks further, final corn yield numbers were reduced to 158.8 bu/acre. Our position has been current corn values are cheap enough to s...
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Export Sales

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Private exporters report sales of 114,000 tons of soybeans to Egypt & 185,000 tons of soybeans to unknown destinations.
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