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Improve marketing confidence One-on-one

Roach Ag offers a personalized service for farmers who would like a simple, easy to follow yet highly personalized marketing plan. Our customers tell us that their close relationship with our trusted professionals helps them make smarter, more profitable and less stressful decisions.

Our Ag Consultants work with each of their customers to design a comprehensive, yet flexible, marketing plan for their farm business. Our consulting service is designed for medium to large farming operations where the logistical and operations aspect of farming consumes large amount of time. Our service focuses on direct assistance with cash grain marketing strategies and decisions. Simply put, we help you decide when to make sales to the buyers you trust while working along a plan assembled by our Advisor and customer.

Roach Ag Marketing also provides full-service hedging and trading for those customers who use futures and options to manage price risk. The Roach Ag system can link the careful purchase or selling of futures and options in conjunction with our Sell Signals. End users work with Roach Ag Buy Signals to help manage upside price risk as well. If you have interest or questions, give us a call.

Clients work one-on-one with their Roach Ag Consultant to ensure a high level of personal service. We work our schedules to fit yours.

  • Clients receive a personalized marketing plan tailored to their particular farming operation.
  • Provide market information and recommendations for pricing grain and livestock.
  • Maintain ongoing communications to update the customer on market changes or key events.
  • Includes a free subscription to the Roach Ag Grain Market Commentary, which comes by email each day.
  • Direct assistance with cash marketing strategies, options and futures, and complicated buy or sell side programs with large buyers such as Cargill and ADM.

COST- Cost varies with farm operation size and complexity. We charge $2 an acre, with a $6000 minimum. Request more information or use the form on the right side of this page to try the service free for 30 days.

Merchandising Workshops

We are frequently invited to conduct seminars to help farmers better handle markets, which are sponsored by businesses like Farm Credit, agricultural banks, elevators, university extensions, community colleges, farm business associations and farm management companies. Our workshops cover complicated economic issues in a simple, easy to understand graphic presentation.

During our presentations, we encourage attendees to ask questions as they come up, which normally results in a lively discussion. We will lay out our method of determining when to make sales using case studies of past years. Farmers walk away from our workshops with a much clearer understanding of the current market outlook and a plan that helps them take the right actions for their farm.

Each participant will understand and learn to develop a basic marketing plan linked to our proven Roach Ag Sell Signal feature. With this knowledge, a participant can make more profitable marketing decisions and ease the anxiety of selling in volatile markets.

Our workshops are led by experienced cash grain marketers and licensed commodity brokers. Each has worked for many years in various areas of farming, elevators, manufacturing and finance. Presentations may be customized to meet the specific needs of the sponsor or producers involved.


  • Two to four hour courses with basic sales information.
  • Each participant leaves with a marketing plan outline.
  • A free 30 day subscription to John Roach’s Grain Market Commentary.

COST- Please phone us for the cost of having one of our Ag Consultants speak at your next event.

These data and comments are provided for information purposes only and are not intended to be used for specific trading strategies. This commentary is written as a daily marketing tool to help farmers sell the grain they raise. Although all information is believed to be reliable, we cannot guarantee its accuracy or completeness. Commodity trading involves the risk of loss, and you should fully understand those risks before trading.

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