FarmDirect Services

HTA Plus


Lock in the futures price while leaving basis open. Unlike a traditional HTA, the grower can lock in basis at the location of his/her choice to take advantage of the best basis opportunities.

• Lock-in a futures price with  FCStone Merchant Services (FCMS) just like you would with a traditional HTA.

• Maintain the freedom to deliver to any buyer allowing the farm to shop around for the best basis offer at any time before contract expirations.

• FCStone Merchant Services covers initial and any maintenance margin requirements

• Deliver grain to the delivery location of your choice under FCStone Merchant Services name. FCMS pays you the futures reference price + basis +/- any discounts or premiums and fees

• Contracts offered out to July 2019 for corn and soybeans.

• Roach Ag and the FCMS team will keep an eye on basis markets to help farmers find the right time and location for delivery

• Experienced negotiation power: we have an experienced advisor to conduct negotiation on behalf of farmers if they want support in doing so. Our advisors are building larger volumes in some areas and may be able to pass through a stronger negotiated offer.

Rolling: farmers can request to roll their contracts for a fee of $.02, plus the spread between existing and new contract fees.


Corn Pricing (c/bu)
Bean Pricing (c/bu)
Product 0-6 mo 6-12 mo 12-18 mo
0-6 mo 6-12 mo 12-18 mo
HTA Plus $0.055 $0.065 $0.085
$0.080 $0.090 $0.110