Cruises & Farm Tours

Roach Ag invites farmers along for educational and entertaining cruises to beautiful locations... what better way to learn about grain marketing than while cruising through the Caribbean? Or spending time with other farmers while you hike in Alaska? Cabins fill up fast so click on a brochure for more information!
Caribbean Cruise 2020 - Reunion Cruise!

Ireland 2015One of the best things about cruising is the people you meet. Roach Ag has organized trips for over 1,000 farmers and farm families and many have remained friends since. Next winter we are going to get back together and renew friendships. We know money is tight but we promise to help you better understand how to use our system.

Joining us will be Ray Jenkins who recently retired from buying Cargill’s corn in Iowa where he became a star to many farmers. Ray will help you understand your buyers’ needs and give you tips on improving your sales. Sail with us from Ft. Lauderdale on January 19 - 26, 2020. Click here for more information.

One good idea is all it takes to pay for your trip! For more information contact Audrey Lerner, Cruisetravel-n-More, 561-922-7983, or email AudreyLerner@cruisetravel-n-more.com



There is no better way to learn than while relaxing with some of the top farm families in America!


For more information on Roach Ag travel opportunities, call or email Audrey Lerner:

1-866-403-2756 or AudreyLerner@cruisetravel-n-more.com



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