Thanks for taking a look at Roach Ag Marketing’s Daily Grain Plan! We have been helping farmers sell their crops since 1978 and have designed our program to be successful, predictable, simple and stress reducing. We hope this explanation will help you better understand how we help producers sell their crops at price peaks.

Highest price peaks come spring to early summer

The highest priced marketing months are March, April, May and June, with an occasional opportunity in July. We plan ahead to make most if not all sales during those high priced months, either in advance of harvest or after harvest, using farmer-owned storage. We avoid making harvest sales like the plague.

Corn Prices
Roach Ag Sell Signals and Phone Alerts notify you of price peaks for selling grains

Our Roach Ag Sell Signals tell you the days you need to make sales to your buyers and these sales will always be on market peaks. In addition to notifying you in our e-mail, we will use our automated phone system to call you the first day of a Roach Ag Sell Signal.

We show you each day how close the market is to a Roach Ag Sell Signal

The charts you see each day in our e-mail commentary are divided between the daily price chart (on the top right) and the Roach Ag Sell Signal graph (below the world market prices on the right). When both lines on the Roach Ag Sell Signal graph move above 75, it generates a sell signal.

Roach Ag’s Report Card on Sales

Below, you can see how each of those sell signals corresponded to a peak in the market. Remember, we want to sell during the high priced spring months, so we have highlighted these “most important” sell signals. Please take a moment to look at our track record of sales. Click here for a full explanation of our Sell Signals.



Chicago Wheat

The past performance referenced in these testimonials is not indicative of futures results.

Our marketing plan makes logical sense and is easy to follow

There are normally 3 to 5 significant price peaks and 15 to 30 days of Sell Signals for corn each spring. We plan to sell grain each of the first 5 days of a Sell Signal. Divide the bushels of your old crop and new crop each in to 20 to 30 increments and sell an increment each of the first 5 days of a sell signal during the highest priced marketing months. If the price outlook changes, we will recalculate the size of increments to have inventory to sell on each expected peak. Avoid selling during other months (unless you really like the price) and especially avoid selling when there is no Sell Signal.

Sell Signals have worked for years

Roach Ag Sell Signals are derived from slow stochastics which have been successfully pointing out price peaks since society began using computers. The Sell Signals are so consistently accurate at pointing out price peaks, you will have increased confidence in making your sales decisions, and the more confident you become following our system, the less stress you will have selling your crops.

Over 80% of farmers want to sell their crops, not trade the markets

Most market reports are written to satisfy active traders’ desire for frequent trades or brokers’ desire to generate commissions. We believe most farmers have been underserved when it comes to grain marketing advice. The commentary we e-mail each day is designed for one purpose: To help you sell your crops at peak prices to the buyers you trust.

Give us a try. You won’t be disappointed!

Follow our sell signals during the next year and see for yourself how good we are. You will make sales with increased confidence, reduced stress and improved results.

Our daily commentary and important Sell Signal Phone Alerts are a real value at $399.00 for the next 12 months. If you are not convinced we are helping your business achieve better results, we will cheerfully refund your subscription price.

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These data and comments are provided for information purposes only and are not intended to be used for specific trading strategies. This commentary is written as a daily marketing tool to help farmers sell the grain they raise. Although all information is believed to be reliable, we cannot guarantee its accuracy or completeness. Commodity trading involves the risk of loss, and you should fully understand those risks before trading.
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