Roach Ag Sell Signal History

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    2018 Corn
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    2018 Beans
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    2018 Chicago Wheat
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Chicago Wheat

The past performance referenced in these testimonials is not indicative of futures results.

Sell Signal Statistics

Sell Signals are designed to give you 6-10 opportunities to make sales each year. Each of those opportunities, on average, gives you a 5 day window. Unfortunately the markets are always changing, so we track the number of Sell Signals, how long they last, and the total days of Sell Signals each year.


Pick up the phone and give us a call! Let one of our experienced Ag Consultants explain our approach to navigating the grain markets. Ask them any questions you have! That's what they are here for and it's exactly the kind of service you get as a Daily Grain Plan subscriber.

What is a Sell Signal?

Our Roach Ag Sell Signals are a tool to help you know when to pay attention and when to be patient with your grain marketing. To put it simply: A Sell Signal is a peak in the market, kind of like a digital thermometer. When it says it’s hot, we think a farmer should be paying attention to prices. When it is cold, it is time to be a buyer or sitting on the sidelines waiting patiently.

We call our customers on the 1st day of a Roach Ag Sell Signal with our recommendation. How you use it is up to you and your farm team but we will always be there to alert you via phone or text message. Sell Signals occur all year-round but we recommend producers focus most of their sales during our Selling Season, March through July.

No one knows when the high of the year will be and we never know which Sell Signal will be the best of the year, which is why we recommend spacing out your planned sales over several Sell Signals. To aid our subscribers with this we offer a free Market Plan with every subscription that ties your specific situation to our marketing program.

Understanding The Charts

Sell Signals
Our Sell Signals have a track record of pointing out opportunities in the corn, soybean and wheat markets. We call or text you when it’s time to stop what you’re doing and put your marketing cap on. Customers tell us the Sell Signals give them the confidence to pull the trigger when they would otherwise do nothing.

Key Market Indicators
One of the things we heard from subscribers is “I like your Sell Signals, but how do I know which ones will be the best opportunities?” We developed 3 additional data driven factors we analyze with each Sell Signal to help us gauge the better opportunities.

Improved Confidence
We combined these 3 indicators with our Roach Ag Sell Signals to give us 4 Key Market Indicators (KMIs). Each indicator is a “Check Box”, and this helps to improve confidence in our guidance. The more check boxes, the more you have to pay attention.

These data and comments are provided for information purposes only and are not intended to be used for specific trading strategies. This commentary is written as a daily marketing tool to help farmers sell the grain they raise. Although all information is believed to be reliable, we cannot guarantee its accuracy or completeness. Commodity trading involves the risk of loss, and you should fully understand those risks before trading. Past financial results are not necessarily indicative of future performance. Any examples given are strictly hypothetical and no representation is being made that any person will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those examples.