Tom Ferraro

Tom Ferraro was born and raised in Wallingford, a small town located in Connecticut. In 2001 his family moved to Boca Raton Florida where he currently resides. Upon completion of high school Tom had the opportunity to become a partner with his Father’s construction company. He worked there over 10 years, learning quickly the value of hard work and the importance of showing up every day.

His dedication to his company and his customers allowed him to build the necessary relationships that would help expand the business. When the financial crisis hit in 2008, Tom had to watch the company go through tough times. This time served to fuel his interest in the markets, as well as motivate him to gain better knowledge of how the markets work and the impact that they have on small businesses.

In 2015 he joined Roach Ag Marketing which combined his passion for the markets with the Roach Ag system allowing him to improve marketing confidence for growers one on one. He works closely with John Roach in recognizing his customer’s farming situation and defining which market strategy will help improve his customer’s bottom line.
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