Corn Yield Reports

Date State Area/Region Yield Acres Comments
8/27/2014 IL Near Springfield 230-270
110 day corn. Moisture 30-35%. Dryland.
8/27/2014 KS NE/Brown County 213 12 21% out of the field, dryland.
8/29/2014 KS
  Average for this area would be 100 – 120 bu/ac 
8/27/2014 LA East-Central 171
vs 196 last yr – irrigated yields same as dryland – multiple HEAVY rains during the growing season – yields as expected
8/27/2014 LA North-West 210
Irrigated, 9 below year ago. Crop planted later this year than last & a little less July rain.
8/29/2014 LA Baton Rouge
189 1100
Finished Harvest - 195 5 Year Avg
8/27/2014 MO Lamar (SW) 215
Average dryland; best they’ve done before 180 avg. No field yet under 200bpa. Best 240bpa. About 20-25% harvested.
8/29/2014 MO
Adrian 190
  14.5 moisture.. 120 would be average
8/27/2014 SC East-Central 125 1000 Dryland. Right in line with long term avg yield, as expected but well below the phenomenal yields of past 2 years (160-170 bu/ac)
8/27/2014 TX Austin 160-180
120 would be considered good.. Elevators filling up in a heartbeat
8/29/2014 TX Bee 55  1500 Upset With Harvest - No Rain - 100 5 Year Avg
8/29/2014 TX Moore
 1100 Happy With Harvest, Even Though In Drought - 200 5 Year Avg

Soybean Yield Reports

Date State Area/Region Yield Acres Comments
8/29/2014 AR
  On dryland - not best on the farm - 52 bpa - best ever for the farm
8/27/2014 LA East Central 65-70 200 About the same as last year so far but long way to go – yields as expected
8/27/2014 MS Yazoo City 96 400 Unbelievable record yields
8/27/2014 MS Inverness 90-100 60 Believes the rest of the crop won't be much worse than that (3800ac)
8/27/2014 MS Sunflower Co 85 1200 Best ever on his farm. And these were early beans, full season beans will yield more.

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