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The USDA pegged U.S. corn planted acres at 90.0 million acres up 2.0 million compared to the average trade estimate. The nation’s corn yield was also bigger than expected at 169.5 bushels per acre up 4.6 bushels per acre from the average yield estimate. Corn production came in at 13.901 billion bushels compared to the 13.193 billion average estimate.

The bean acreage came in at 76.7 million acres, well below the 81 million expected by traders. The bean yield was a bit larger at 48.5 bushels per acre, 0.9 bushels more than the average estimate. Bean production was 3.680 billion bushels compared to the average estimate of 3.883 billion.

The acreage numbers are still subject to change because the FSA announcement on acres enrolled in U.S. crop subsidy programs are much smaller.

Yields for both corn and beans are dependent on “normal” weather through the rest of the season. It has been anything but normal so far this growing season, so that would be a new development that may or may not occur. We are still in a weather market needing more rain in many areas.

Users should be buying this dip in corn.

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